Joining the Fun

A lot remains to be done, so let’s!

Liitin is a free-to-all, internet-community project. It only advances with your help. Any type of help is appreciated, any.


“I like the idea, but rather use the time and money for my own project”

That's what Liitin is for in the first place. Thumbs up!

Maybe one day you will find some help here for your project, or you'd like to share yours. Meawhile, keep checking the inspiring projects!


“I’d like to get involved. What can I do?”

Subscribe to the mailing list dedicated not only for Liitin-related issues but all things for open-source and maker enthusiastics. Let's make something interesting together, and also pave the way for the rest of the people rather enjoying ready-made content than creating new.

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” I’d like to get my hands on Liitin, what would be the best way to speed things up?”

At this phase many things require plain and simply money to make the full deployment possible as fast as possible. Costs include professional software and hardware developers' hours, manufacturing costs, and investment on the initial high-availability data center equipment. Crowdfunding would be a realistic way for normal people to contribute and get to be the pioneer users in return. Crowdfunding is like buying a product except that you pay it beforehands and therefore allowing it to be developed in the first place. Many great things wouldn't exist today without open-minded crowdfunders.



“Have you got those ever-so-useful merchandise that other projects often have? That could be my way to support the project.”

Sure thing. What an excellent addition to the daily inspiration. Check out the webstore here.

Note that all income is used for improving the lives of open-source users. If you think the store is missing the item the community is definitely lacking, please let us know. We just might design it for you.


“Cool project, have some cash right away!”

All donations will be used to support the project development, and making it available for everyone as soon as possible. Thank You!


“I have some opinions in case anyone’s interested”

We are very interested. In addition to sending a freeform email, you can leave a public comment at the bottom of the page.
How do you like the project? Anything missing or things you believe could be of benefit? Liitin is a usability driven community project, so any ideas to improve things are greatly appreciated.


“I can’t wait to tell others!”

Cool, there are social media buttons in the footer to help sharing...

... and here are some quality images and texts to use... - Computing Rethought - The Future Internet made easy

Liitin is a profoundly new approach to computing aiming to make the Future Internet more useful by means of improved compatibility of software and hardware and providing permanent data storage, but most of all, making it all much easier and fun to use. - Computing rethought - Computing rethought - The Future Internet made easy - The Future Internet made easy