About Liitin

Liitin.org - Computing rethought

Liitin came to being

 - out of frustration of poor interfaces to computers and devices they control, constant migration from system to system and often losing data and functionality in the process   


- as a tribute to the incredible open-source effort and making it more accessible to everybody.   It started out as an overly idealistic mind game, but suprisingly turned into a working prototype. The foundation has been laid, but the journey has only began.   

 About the author

I'm an industrial designer specialised in User Experience (UX ), usability and Graphical User Interface (GUI) design. I'm also interested in design in general, technology, science, electronics, Sci-Fi and artificial intelligence among many other things.

I want to make the future a nice place to live in, in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. I believe the shortest way is to go forward, not backwards.

I also believe in working towards your objectives, not just criticizing and building up negative atmosphere. I have studied 20 years of my life and worked as an industrial designer for another 20 years. I work in a close co-operation with other industrial designers, mechanical engineers, software and electronics designers. I still find myself studying and experimenting with new things in my free time. Every day is an exciting day and an opportunity to learn and experience something new.

I hope you enjoy Liitin as much as I have.

Jukka Tuominen